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seconds- SALE- squirrel



The most common flaw that makes a cup a second is a “shadow” from the slip casting process. This appears as a thin “crack”, but in fact it is simply a shadow from the slight ridge. The line appears just to the left of the blue field surrounding the squirrel- so it looks like part of the design so does not stand out too much. Other common flaws are an overly heavy cup, or a slightly dry and/or pitted lip. Also slight color variations will cause a cup to be pulled aside.

 I am very picky, so often it is hard to tell what makes it a second.

Price of a “first” is $12. You save $5


Like prints of a painting, the cups that make up my “Lucky Cup Line” are faithful reproductions of my originals. 

The wares are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe, as well as family and café proven strong. 

  •  lucky squirrel (#704)
  • diameter 2.5” height 2.75”
  • holds 4 ounces

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