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by Cary Lane November 09, 2021


The botanist sought out the sage.

Why she felt compelled to do this i will never know. 

I mean she walked amongst trees everyday, didn’t she?

They sat there together.

The sage and the botanist.


For a long time.

Again, the botanist kept the company of trees, 

So a quiet, still sage was nothing new.

But i could sense a wanting from the botanist.

And it was growing stronger.

I became worried that she would soon pick up the sage

and shake the knowledgeable one like a magic 8 ball.

Was she looking for a ”don’t count on it”.

Or a “it is decidedly so”.

Was she going to get an “ask me later”?

Was the botanist even there with a question?

So far nothing had been said.

But questions we have in plenty.

And sages, like trees, have answers.

And seeking runs through our beings like sap.

So sages will never fall out of fashion, 

and may we hope the same for trees.

Cary Lane
Cary Lane


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