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A collection of ceramic, painted, sculpted and written works by Cary Lane. A solo show in 2022 at the Dakota Arts Gallery, Bellingham Washington.

Lucky Kraken Cup

"Once upon a time a Kraken fell in love with and ocean storm. What a glorious mess they made. For centuries the debris that washed up upon every shore was wonder."




My art process begins with writing. From pages and pages I pull out the sentence that shines and take it with me as I move to working upon my bowls and cups. Here the words are merged with drawings to create small, round, clay poems. Then the words and drawing are recorded with paint on paper, creating an unbound page

I am currently engaged in a lifetime body of work: The Small Round Poems of The Bowl Maker. Made up of 10,000 bowls (and cups). With painted recordings of each bowl upon an unbound page. Each bowl and cup are numbered, on this fine December morning I am on bowl #2501. 


The unbound pages become paintings to accompany bowls in a show, they are being pulled into books, they appear on products, they are reproduced and offered as prints. They create collections of works documenting my travels through the 10,000 bowls.


The 10,000 bowls are the 10,000 mornings of waking and joining my soul in the studio. They are constellations in the galaxy that it is the work springing out of the writing that starts each session in the palace of making.