Dedicated studio artist, in love with a fisherman, mama bear to two young adults, living one hundred percent off-grid on solar and hydro power for twenty-five years, dog rescuer, neighbor to an elk herd that roams the foothills of Mount Baker in Washington State, owner and artist of The Bowl Maker company, too many personal and collaborative art projects to count and always one or two in the hopper, adding to the spark and passing it on, sharing wonder by the cupful.


My studio, tucked in the corner of our small, hand built home, is open to visitors on the weekends. Reach out if you are in the Northwest and would like a tour! We are nestled in the foothills of Mount Baker, in the town of Acme, two hours North of Seattle.


I grew up in a safe circle of creativity and scientific wonder. My scientist dad and pianist mom gave me the time and paper to fill the kitchen table and floor with my paintings and drawings. At California State University Long Beach I found the ceramics department: a vibrant program led by dedicated professors and unified students. With ceramic sculpture I began my conscious adult life as a dedicated artist. Throughout my M.F.A. and various artist-in-residency programs, I discovered Bellingham, Washington, where I fell in love with a fisherman. We built our home in the foothills of Mount Baker, and home-birthed two children. Now I work as a mother and artist amongst dogs, cedar trees, and a close community. Art for me is a wonderfully fierce, necessary thing. It can not be separated from my being.

"And then the dragon bathed me in fire. To my surprise, instead of burning up, I cracked open, like a seed that needs certain conditions in order to be ready to plant.


Time in the realm of story, where intuition is afoot and the great wheels of imagination and understanding are turning, inspires me.


A soul, just a moment ago dormant, is now wide awake and humming along."