the bowl maker | the small, round poems of Cary Lane


Originals available at the Tacoma Art Museum gift shop, the Seattle Art Museum gift shop and the Lucky Dumpster in Bow-Edison.  Please call stores first to check in about inventory.

HOME SALE- Sunday October 22nd

11 am to 5 pm

5770 Homesteader RD

Deming WA 98224


Originals and "seconds" from the Bowl Line are available at my home. Please email me to schedule a visit. I live 2 hours Northeast of Seattle, or 45 minutes East of Bellingham.


average cost of original bowls  - $50 to $70

average cost of original cup - $30 to $60 


Original Bowl Making*

First there is the making of the bowls and cups.

Spinning luscious earth into something that holds.

It is as if the magic of alchemy is at play when I start with a handful of earth, turn it into a bowl, and then it becomes the “paper” upon which I draw, write and think.  Paper in the shape of something made to hold nourishment- it is fantastic!

There are three parts to my bowl making process once the wares are made.

It begins with writing. Then playing with words and images on the bowl itself. Then harvesting the words and drawings into a painting.

Writing. Bowl. Painting. It makes me so happy and alive.  Roaming between the seen and unseen worlds, a playful tug at the center of exuberance.