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Each studio session has the making of an original bowl or cup at its heart. These pieces are part of the 10,000 bowl (and cup) life long project I am in the midst of. While I record and learn from the project, bundles of bowls, paintings and writing emerge that belong together, as well as stand alone pieces. 

The bundles that belong together are being gathered for a show (thus the lack of originals on the webstie as some of the bundles involve up to a hundred pieces) the show will happen once the work is done and covid is past. But along the way, some of the smaller bundles will be shared through instagram and offered through the website. I will have a new set of bundles and stand alone pieces available this spring 2021

Instagram is where I regularly share my ongoing work, and share where and when originals will be available

instagram:  bowlmaker.carylane


Original Bowl and Cup Making:

First there is the making of the bowls and cups.

Spinning luscious earth into something that holds.

It is as if the magic of alchemy is at play when I start with a handful of earth, turn it into a bowl, and then it becomes the “paper” upon which I draw, write and think.  Paper in the shape of something made to hold nourishment- it is fantastic!

There are three parts to my bowl making process once the wares are made.

It begins with writing. Then playing with words and images on the bowl itself. Then harvesting the words and drawings into a painting.

Writing. Bowl. Painting. It makes me so happy and alive.  Roaming between the seen and unseen worlds, a playful tug at the center of exuberance.