Taking that first step

Taking that first step

While working on cup number 287, “Even the woodpecker must begin somewhere” harvesting the words and image onto paper, it seemed fortuitous that this was the piece I am in process with as I begin to launch my spanking new website and it is time to write my first post.

While harvesting from bowl to paper I often stay with a piece and just play with the idea on other bowls and cups until the painting is done.  While exploring the state of “beginning” on cups 290 and 291 I met my first Yeti.

This Yeti was incredibly tall.

Abundantly good natured

and emanated the aspects of beginnings that are all about

the purpose, 

the hopes,

the dreams.

The Yeti was carrying a saddle brown suitcase,

red trim with beautiful stitching.

The suitcase was inconceivably small in comparison to its holder, yet it was evident that it was packed with care.

I will always wonder what was in the yeti’s suitcase.

I think it simply held the promises of setting out;

Taking that first step.

Creating the first stitch.

Putting the first two notes together.

Putting pen to paper and seeing who you get to meet.


Regardless, I was happy that in the pristine, 

vast lands of the imagination 

there are wildernesses upon wildernesses for beings as happy and large as yetis to roam.


The forest stretched out and rustled with promise and you could tell it pulled upon the yeti’s curiosity.

"Who knows” the yeti said as it set out with that wide-slow-we-are-in-no-hurry yeti smile.  

“Who knows”


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