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Open Spaces and Ample Time.

by Cary Lane March 05, 2016

Open Spaces and Ample Time.

Bowl #319

 The small explorer was considering what it meant to be Kissed by Fairies and Blessed by Elves.

 She realized it was an awful lot like being Hugged by Yetis.



And Vast.


 *Fun clay fact: The bowl in the photo is unfired, “green”. Once it gets dipped in a luscious, clear glaze I will take it up to 2194 degrees Fahrenheit, at which point the pink pigment in the slip I painted the yeti will burn out (too hot for pink!) and the yeti will be a beautiful, Northern winter white. (his hat however, will stay pink- 3 shades of tough-I-can-take-the-heat-pink, don’t mess around with knitters, they are geniouses)

Cary Lane
Cary Lane


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